Bric::Util::AuthLDAP - Bricolage LDAP authentication


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This module provides an interface for the Bricolage to authenticate users against an LDAP server. If one of the authentication engines assigned to the AUTH_ENGINES bricolage.conf directive is "LDAP", then this module will be loaded by the user class and used for authentication. See the Bric::Admin Bric::Admin/"Authentication Configuration" section for more in-depth information on authentication engines, as well as its Bric::Admin/"LDAP Configuration" section for the specifics on configuring Bricolage to authenticate against your LDAP server.

This module is used internally by Bric::Biz::Person::User; it should not be used directly.


Class Methods


Bric::Util::AuthLDAP->authenticate($user, $password);

Pass a user object and a password to this method to authenticate the user to an LDAP server with the password. Returns true if the password validates, and false if it does not.

Note that a user may successfully authenticate to the LDAP server but still not successfully authenticate to Bricolage if you've set the LDAP_GROUP directive to the DN of a user grop on your LDAP server. In such a case, the user must also be a member of that group to use Bricolage. This provides a simple allow and disallow users to access Bricolage from within LDAP. Users must still exist within Bricolage with the same username, however. A user that can successfully authenticate to the LDAP server will not be able to authenticate in Bricolage until a the corresponding Bricolage user object has been created.


Bric::Util::AuthLDAP->set_password($user, $password);

This method is a no-op; it simply returns the invocant. It is not currently possible to change LDAP passwords from Bricolage. This functionality may be added in the future.


David Wheeler <>

See Also

Bric::Admin: Bric::Admin/"Authentication Configuration"

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Bric::Admin: Bric::Admin/"LDAP Configuration"

LDAP authentication configuration information.


Provides Bricolage's default, internal authentication interface.


The user class calls out to this module to authenticate users and change passwords.


Detailed discussion of Bricolage security, including authentication.

Copyright and License

Copyright (c) 2005 Kineticode, Inc. See Bric::License for complete license terms and conditions.