bric_queued - Bricolage jobs queue daemon


bric_queud [options]


bric_queued runs as a daemon that polls a Bricolage jobs queue and executes any unexecuted jobs with current or past scheduled times. Normally, (see -s) it executes all of the jobs found in a given poll in order of their scheduled times with distribution and publish jobs handled by seperate sub-processes--since distribution is normally an order of magnitude faster than publishing.

In cases where the program finds no jobs in the queue it will wait a specified amount of time (defaulting to 30 seconds) and then re-poll.


Unlike bric_dist_mon, bric_queued is a stand-alone program that makes no HTTP requests to the Bricolage Apache/mod_perl server. This allows it to to publish and distribute resources in its own process without bogging down the Apache/mod_perl server and therefore its UI.



The username to use for the distribution.


The password for the user specified by the --username option.

-p <file> | --pid <file>

Specifies a pid file.

-d <number> | --delay <number>

Specifies a delay in seconds after finding the queue empty.

-s [type] | --single [type]

Run a single job of type where type is one of 'pub' or 'dist'. Implies -verbose.

-v | --verbose

Turn on verbose mode for debugging.

-l <file> | --log <file>

Specifies a file to which to send debugging information. There is no need to use this option for normal operation since Bricolage stores this information in its database in much greater detail.

-h | --help

Print usage information and exit.



Set this environment variable as usual to indicate where to find the Bricolage libraries.

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Mark Jaroski <>