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This document lists the items on Bricolage's To Do list.


Bricolage versions are determined by the types of changes required. Minor version numbers require no changes to the database schema (though data in the database can be added or changed, e.g, for new preferences), and require few changes to the libraries. The idea is to try to use the existing tools in the libraries and the database to do more in the UI, though minor changes to the libraries are allowed. Major version numbers, on the other hand, change when the database schema has been altered, or when the changes to the libraries are significant (including the addition of new libraries), or simply when significant features have been added.

At any one time, we will list the tasks that contributors have accepted for the next minor version and for the next major version. After that, we list other outstanding to do items in descending order of importance: "High Priority Minor Items," "High Priority Major Items," "Low Priority Minor Items," and "Low Priority Major Items." Developers who wish to volunteer to take on one or more of these tasks should announce their plans and version goal on the Bricolage Developers list <>. Contributions are welcome.

At the end of this document, the "Blue Sky" section features items that will likely never be done for the 1.x development of Bricolage, but we'd like to keep in mind as long term goals further down the line.

High Priority Minor Items

High Priority Major Items

Low Priority Minor Items

Low Priority Major Items

Blue Sky


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