Bric::Util::Job::Pub - Manages Bricolage publishing jobs.


use Bric::Util::Job::Pub;

my $id = 1;
my $format = "%D %T";

# Constructors.
my $job = Bric::Util::Job::Pub->new($init);
$job = Bric::Util::Job::Pub->lookup({ id => $id });
my @jobs = Bric::Util::Job::Pub->list($params);

# Class Methods.
my @job_ids = Bric::Util::Job::Pub->list_ids($params);

# Instance Methods
my $id = $job->get_id;

my $type = $job->get_type;
$job = $job->set_type($type);

my $sched_time = $job->get_sched_time($format);
$job = $job->set_sched_time($sched_time);
my $comp_time = $job->get_comp_time($format);

my @resources = $job->get_resources;
my @resource_ids = $job->get_resource_ids;
$job = $job->set_resource_ids(@resource_ids);

my @server_types = $job->get_server_types;
my @server_type_ids = $job->get_server_type_ids;
$job = $job->set_server_type_ids(@server_type_ids);

# Save the job.
$job = $job->save;

# Cancel the job.
$job = $job->cancel;

# Execute the job.
$job = $job->execute_me;


This class manages publishing jobs. A publishing job designates that a given Story or Media object will be published by a Burner at a given time. Publishing jobs create distribution jobs as they are run. Jobs which fail in execution are tried again, and eventually if the failure continues marked as 'failed'.


my (@jobs || $jobs_aref) = Bric::Util::Job::Pub->list($params)

Inherited from Bric::Util::Job

my (@job_ids || $job_ids_aref) = Bric::Util::Job->list_ids($params)

Inherited from Bric::Util::Job

Private Instance Methods

$self = $job->_do_it

Carries out the actions that constitute the job. This method is called by execute_me() in Bric::Dist::Job and should therefore never be called directly.

Sends the Story or Media object contained by the job to the burner. In case of a template error the job is released to be executed again. Three such errors are considered a failure, in which case the job is marked as such. The most recent error message is stored in the error_message field. At the end of the process, a completion time will be saved to the database. Attempting to execute a job before its scheduled time will throw an exception.

Throws: Quite a few exceptions can be thrown here. Check the do_it() methods on all Bric::Publish::Action subclasses, as well as the put_res() methods of the mover classes (e.g., Bric::Util::Trans::FS). Here are the exceptions thrown from withing this method itself.

Side Effects: NONE.

Notes: NONE.




Mark Jaroski <>

See Also

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