bric_ftpd - Bricolage virtual FTP server


su nobody -c "bric_ftpd -S"


This program controls the Bricolage vitual FTP server, which can be used to allow access to Bricolage templates. This may provide a more comfortable development environment for programmers working on templates. Many editors provide FTP modes that make editing files via FTP almost as easy as editing files locally (ange-ftp for Emacs, for example).

There are security risks to consider - FTP sends passwords unencrypted over the network. If you are running Bricolage behind a firewall this might not be a problem.

To enable the FTP server you'll need to install the Net::FTPServer Perl module. After that you can configure the FTP server with the following bricolage.conf directives:

Next you'll need to start the FTP server as the same user that Apache runs as. For example, if you run Apache as "nobody" you would use this command to start the FTP server:

su nobody -c "bric_ftpd -S"

The -S option to ftpd runs the FTP server in the background. For other possibilities see the documentation for Net::FTPServer.

Once the server is up and running connect to it with an FTP client and start editing templates. For more information see Bric::Util::FTP::Server.

To kill the FTP server in daemon mode, use the -k option:

su nobody -c bric_ftpd -k"


Sam Tregar <>

See Also

Bric::Admin, Net::FTPServer, Bric::Util::FTP::Server.