Bricolage 2 presentations at YAPC 2010 Columbus Ohio June 21-23


Long-time Bricoleur Matthew Rolf sends us news that there will be Bricolage 2 presentations at YAPC 2010 Columbus Ohio June 21-23:

I will be making two Bricolage presentations at YAPC 2010 in Columbus Ohio June 21-23. I would love to see some of you there, perhaps we could look at also scheduling a BOF discussion for the project as well. Columbus is a great town, and there's lots to do in the Ohio State University area where the conference will be held. The talks:

Introduction to Bricolage 2.0 - Features and Installation‎

The next version of the powerful Mason and Perl-based content management system is here! Learn about the new features available in Bricolage, including AJAX interface improvements, Apache and mod_perl 2 support, better element occurrence control and much more! The presentation will also provide tips for making your next installation a successful one.

‎Templating and document modeling strategies for content management‎

With four years of experience working with content management systems, the presenter has learned a few tricks of the trade when it comes to effective templating strategies. The talk will focus on best practices for document modeling and templating. Perl and Mason techniques using the Bricolage CMS will serve as the main examples, but areas of applicability to other CMS platforms will be pointed out. Some background in Perl and Mason will be helpful to understand the more technical aspects of the talk.

Matthew Rolf

If you're in Ohio for YAPC, please stop by these talks and say hello.

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