Bricolage-Devel 1.11.1 Released


The Bricolage development team is pleased to announce the release of Bricolage 1.11.1, the second developer release in preparation for the forthcoming Bricolage 2.0. With a number of improvements to the functionality and interface over 1.11.0, this release holds a lot of promise for the forthcoming release of Bricolage 2.0 later this year. Some highlights:

  • Improved SFTP distribution support, with thanks to Denison University.

  • Errors in response to Ajax requests are now properly displayed to the user.

  • Publishing another document from within a formatting template now queues that document for publication, rather than publishing it right away. This allows a number of stories in a single publish request to all ask for the same document to be republished and that document will only be republished once, instead of for every story in the publish request.

  • The ability to upload a file directly into a related media element is now handled in the popup window for editing a related element, rather than inline in the document profile. This prevents errors when there are multiple related media elements, and saves CPU in the display of a document, as well.

  • Element in a document profile now remember whether they were toggled open or closed, with the default being closed, so that the state of a document is the same as it was last edited. This is an improvement over 1.11.0, where all elements were toggled open for display when a document was saved.

How Are We Doing?

There are a bunch more changes in Bricolage 1.11.1; For a complete list, see the changes list. For the complete history of ongoing changes in Bricolage, see Bric::Changes.

Download Bricolage 1.11.1 now from the Bricolage Web site Downloads page, from the SourceForge download page, and from the Kineticode download page.

About Bricolage

Bricolage is a full-featured, enterprise-class content management and publishing system. It offers a browser-based interface for ease-of use, a full-fledged templating system with complete HTML::Mason, HTML::Template, PHP5, and Template Toolkit support for flexibility, and many other features. It operates in an Apache/mod_perl environment and uses the PostgreSQL or MySQL RDBMS for its repository. A comprehensive, actively-developed open source CMS, Bricolage has been hailed by eWEEK as quite possibly the most capable enterprise-class open-source application available.


—The Bricolage Team

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