Bricolage 2.0.1 Released


The Bricolage development team is pleased to announce that Bricolage 2.0.1 is available for download. This maintenance release contains a wealth of bugfixes and some helpful new features, and it elegantly tweaks the user interface. It's the best Bricolage yet.

New features

Most of the new features in Bricolage 2.0.1 are refinements. The SFTP mover has been refactored for better reliability. Template authors can now access date fields as DateTime objects. All the auto-completing category fields are now session-aware.

Bug fixes

The "diff" feature, which lets editors see how stories and templates have changed over time, now provides up-to-the-moment insight about differences between a current document and the previous version. The Xinha WYSIWYG editor works perfectly once again. SFTP publishing works smoothly and correctly.

There are many, many more changes, features and improvements in Bricolage 2.0.1. For a complete list, see the changelog. For the complete history of ongoing changes in Bricolage, see Bric::Changes. Better yet, download Bricolage 2.0.1 today, and see for yourself!

About Bricolage

Bricolage (, an open-source enterprise-class content management system, greatly simplifies the complex tasks of creating, managing, and publishing the vast libraries of content essential to any organization. With advanced features such as fully-configurable workflows, customizable document types, and comprehensive Perl and PHP templating support, Bricolage has been designed from the ground up to scale to meet the demanding needs of large organizations around the world. This flexibility and scalability led eWeek to hail Bricolage as “quite possibly the most capable enterprise-class open-source application available.”

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