Bricolage 1.10.1 Changes


New Features

  • Added a guide on how to profile Mason templates. See contrib/template_profiling. [Scott]

  • Added ContribType, Destination, and Preference SOAP modules. [Scott]

  • When a page finishes loading, the first text or textarea form field now automatically gets the focus. [David]

  • Added upload and download feature to the template interface, so that templates can optionally be uploaded or downloaded. Suggested by Chris Sutton. [David]


  • When a story is previewed, any related media are distributed to the preview server only if the AUTO_PREVIEW_MEDIA bricolage.conf directive is disabled or the media documents need to be previewed. [David]

  • Added installation defaults for FreeBSD that will be used when the USE_DEFAULTS environment variable is set to freebsd during installation. [Rod Taylor]

  • Added a make devclone option which does the same as make clone but removes all of the locally previewed files, the data/obj files, staging and sandboxes. This means a large saving in download size for cloned production systems. [Paul Orrock]

  • Added ALLOW_URIS_WITHOUT_CATEGORIES bricolage.conf directive to allow URI formats not to include %{categories}, which is otherwise rquired. Use this directive with caution since it is not the recommended behaviour. [Paul Orrock]

  • Added a tooltip to show the underlying Bricolage database ID when hovering over a UUID in a story profile. This feature complements showing the UUID when the hovering over the Bricolage ID in a desk view. [Paul Orrock]

  • Changed the database columns for the name, key_name, and description attributes of Bric::Biz::ElementType::Parts::FieldType from VARCHAR to TEXT, since some folks will have field types with names and key names longer than 32 characters. Reported by Nate Perry-Thistle. [David]

  • Created two new make targets, install_files and install_db, to allow the files to be installed without doing anything with the database. Useful for packagers who need to let users manually create the database. [Marshall]

  • Updated Bric::ElementAdmin to be conversant in the merging of element type sets and elements. That is, it now makes sense in the context of Bricolage 1.10. Reported by Ryan O'Toole. [David]

  • The View/Edit link has been restored to stories, media, and templates on desks, and the title has been returned to its status as a preview link. The URI is no longer a link. [David]

  • Made the Upload section of the media profile valid XHTML styled with CSS. [David]

Bug Fixes

  • Removed call to deleted component comp/widgets/qa/ from the side navigation component. This was only an issue when the QA_MODE bricolage.conf directive was enabled. Reported by Derek Poon. [David]

  • Fixed the typo Distribintion in the side navigation. Thanks to Christian Niles for the spot. [David]

  • Fixed some errors in and rearranged the SOAP schema in Bric::SOAP. [Christian Niles]

  • Fixed a foreign key constraint on media_element.related_story__id that was pointing to instead of Reported by Rod Taylor. [David]

  • Fixed localization errors such as, Can't use "for Published" as a method name in bracket group, which appeared in searches and on desks. Thanks to Guido Bülskämper for the spot! [David]

  • The database upgrade script now updates table permissions after executing all of the scripts for each version to be upgraded, rather than after all of the upgrade scripts have run, thus allowing later scripts to properly access tables created by earlier scripts. Reported by Nate Perry-Thistle. [David]

  • Fixed some of the 1.8.9 upgrade scripts that run after the 1.9.x upgrade scripts to that they are properly compatible. [Nate Perry-Thistle, Rod Taylor, and David]

  • Bric::Biz::ElementType loads again. [Nate Perry-Thistle]

  • The MEDIA_UNIQUE_FILENAME bricolage.conf directive is now fixed so that the file name creation comes after the ID generation and therefore correctly saves the renamed file. [Paul Orrock]

  • Fixed the UI display in Firefox and IE. Particularly Meta Assets displaying down the page in IE, stretching out the banner in desks, corrected side menu position in IE and removed reference to broken images left in from the CSS reworking. Also fixed textarea which was ignoring cols setting in IE and set textarea col width for bulk edit to 80 wide, rather than 30 (although it should expand with the window size in most browsers). [Paul Orrock]

  • Fixed the history so that clicking the return button in the UI no longer goes back to the preview page when the preview page was the last page accessed. [Paul Orrock]

  • The XML generated when exporting element types via SOAP no longer includes the top_level element twice, thus avoiding mysterious no sites defined errors when attempting to import or update element types from that XML. Reported by Nate Perry-Thistle. [David]

  • Reverting stories and media no longer leads to occasional errors such as, Too many Bric::Biz::Element::Container objects found. Reported by Simon Wilcox. [David]

  • Disabled the sticky scroll bar in the story profile. It just didn't work very well. [David]

  • The Allow Multiple checkbox and Size field in the Add New Field section of the element type profile work again. Reported by Rod Taylor and Paul Orrock. [David]

  • Multiple select lists no longer break the story and element profiles, and can once again have their values properly changed from multiple to single to none. Spotted by Rod Taylor. [David]

  • Desk pagination is now properly styled. [David]

  • Assets can once again be properly deleted from desks. [David]

  • Silenced status messages when previewing a media document under the AUTO_PREVIEW_MEDIA bricolage.conf directive. Reported by Rod Taylor. [David]

  • Cancelling the checkout of an media document now deletes any new file that has been uploaded and, if the AUTO_PREVIEW_MEDIA bricolage.conf directive is enabled, re-previews the previous version of the media file. [David]

  • The autopopulated fields for image element types are now created when a new image element type is created. This was made possible by moving the selection of media type (Image, Audio, Video, or Other Media) to the New Element Type screen, where it is now part of the Content Type select list, which also includes the Story and Subelement options. As a result, one can no longer change the media type in an existing element type (not that it ever made sense to do so). Reported by Paul Orrock. [David]

  • Fixed the selection of text triggered by the Find dialog box on Mozilla and IE (although I find IE to be a bit broken in this way). [David]

  • Fixed the size of the preview links on desks/My workspace. [David]

  • Failed jobs can once again be cancelled. Reported by Rod Taylor. [David]

  • Publishing multiple versions of a document before any of the publish jobs for those versions are executed no longer leads to publishing errors when the older version is published. Thanks to Rod Taylor for the spot! [David]

  • The element trace generated for burn errors (those created by $burner->throw_error()) now use the place attribute of the element where the error was thrown, rather than the object_order, since place corresponds to the Position select list orderings in the UI, and therefore makes it much simpler to figure out where the error is. [David]

  • Output channels with includes can now be created via the output channel SOAP interface. [David]

  • Fixed the category SOAP interface to support post-1.10 URIs that support paths ending in a slash. [David]

  • Fixed the publication of multiple documents at once from a publish desk so that documents that are both selected and related to other documents don't get skipped. [David]

  • The Find Templates results now display the template URI rather than its file name, to be consistent with the template profile. Reported by Marshall. [David]

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