Bricolage 1.10.10 Changes



  • When displaying categories associated with a story when the ENABLE_CATEGORY_BROWSER bricolage.conf directive is true, the categories are now displayed in alphabetical order by URI. [David]

  • The installer no longer requires that Term::ReadPassword be installed from the CPAN before it continues. It will use it if it finds it, but if not substitutes a simple implementation that does the trick (Bug #136). [David]

  • The Source select list when creating or editing a story or media documents now lists sources in alphabetical order. Reported by Michael Herring (Bug # 138). [David]

Bug Fixes

  • Bric::Util::Burner’s publish() method no longer removes documents from workflow after publishing them, as such is the responsbility of the code that calls publish. The publish callback already did, and now so does the Bric::SOAP::Workflow publish() method. Thanks to David Beaudet for the report and Aaron Fuleki for the steps to replicate (Bug #98). [David]

  • Fixed a bug where contributor and category search results would be propagated to the contributor and category editing screens with a story or media document. Searches from within documents should cache their own results, separate from the admin search interfaces. [David]

  • Contributors associated with a story or media document and categories associated with a story document are no longer paginated. When there were more contributors or categories than would fit on a paginated page, the pagination didn’t work and reording didn’t work. So by disabling pagination in this case, we get around that issue. Documents with that many categories or contributors are rare, so the trade-off seems worthwhile. Thanks to Bret Dawson for the report (Bug #121). [David]

  • When associating a contributor with a media document, don’t prompt for role selection if the contributor has only one role. This saves a page load for each contributor association and brings media in line with how story contributor association already works. [David]

  • Fixed the “Log In” button so that the word “In” is antialiased. [Waldo Jaquith]

  • Fixed the “Not a GLOB reference” error when using the PHP burner on Perl 5.10. [Alex Krohn]

  • The best_uri() method of Bric::Util::Burner now avoids expired stories when searching for aliased stories. Thanks to Zdravko Balorda for the catch (Bug #144). [David]

  • The field type profile now properly validates code select code and lets the user know if it’s not valid. [David]

  • The validation of code select field code is now consistent between the element type profile, the field type profile, and the SOAP element type interface. Thanks to Krzysztof Rudnik for the report (Bug #140). [David]

  • Setting the RELATED_DOC_POD_TAG bricolage.conf directive to “url” no longer breaks bulk edit. Thanks to Phillip for the report (Bug #150). [David]

  • The best_uri() method of Bric::Util::Burner now works when creating a link to a story on a different site and the protocol for the output channel is not set. It defaults to “http://” for the protocol. [David]

  • Fixed error handling in the access handler so that it works when a URI is a directory. Thanks to Dave Rolsky for the initial patch. [David]

  • Updated session error handling to recognize a different error message in recent versions of Apache::Session. [Dave Rolsky]

  • Fixed bug where publishing a story with multiple categories led to the deletion of preview files. Thanks to Guido Buelskaemper for the report (Bug #156). [David]

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