Bricolage 1.10.4 Changes



  • Nicer use of the "Bricolage Instance Name" preference, now used on every page. [Phillip Smith]

  • More German corrections. [Steffen Schwigon]

  • Documented the need to look at Bric::Biz::Workflow::Parts::Desk in Bric::Biz::Asset's "set_desk_id()" method. [Greg Heo]

  • Fixed documentation of Bric::Biz::Element::Container's "delete_elements" method. [Bret Dawson]

  • Include meta-equiv tag in the header to set the charset to be UTF-8 if it is the only charset loaded in $LOAD_CHAR_SETS. Reported by Daisuke Maki. [Paul Orrock]

  • Added "--site" option to "bric_republish". Suggested by Chauncey Thorn. [David]

  • A story being published for the first time now has its "publish_status" set to true *before* it is published, instead of aftewards. This both prevents an exception when a template tries to save a story that has not been published before, and eliminates the need for templates to set the "publish_status" on a story before calling "publish_another()" for a another story that will search for the current story in the database. Reported by Rod Taylor (Ticket #1230). [David]

  • Updated autovacuum documentation in Bric::DBA. [David]

  • The installer now also checks in /usr/lib for libraries, by way of searching $Config{libpth} as well as $Config{loclibpth}. [Steffen Schwigon]

  • The "publish_status" attribute can now be set in stories and media created via SOAP. [David]

  • The code in code select fields can now access the "Bric::Biz::Element::Field|Bric::Biz::Element::Field" object itself using the variable $field. [Greg Heo]

  • When viewing elements when not checked out, whitespace is preserved for IE7, FF2, and Safari 3, so that reading and copying code is easier. Suggested by Michael Herring. [Matt Rolf]

Bug Fixes

  • More changes around bug 1267, remove protocol+hostname+port from practically all redirects (especially "user profiles") in order to allow reverse proxying to work in Apache2. [Steffen Schwigon]

  • The $BRICOLAGE_ROOT environment variable specified in contrib/start_scripts/freebsd is now exported, allowing it to be properly passed through to bric_apachectl. [David]

  • Fix for bug 1254: checkbox fields are now saved correctly. Reported by Dawn Buie. [Scott]

  • Fix for bug 1294, where Search/Replace in Bulk Edit wasn't working. Reported by Phillip Smith. [Greg Heo]

  • Fix for bug 1269, needed to HTML-escape Notes. Reported by Matt Rolf. [Scott]

  • For bug 1284, weren't able to search element_type by output_channel in "bric_soap". Reported by George Harrison. [Scott]

  • Bug 1291, added check for max_length of fields when importing in "bric_soap". Reported by Simon Wilcox. [Scott]

  • Fix bug 1264, prevent searching on bad dates (like February 31). Reported by Marshall Roch. [Greg Heo]

  • Fix bug 1259, so burn_again works in the TT and PHP burners. Reported by Adeola Awoyemi. [David and Scott]

  • Fix bug 1307, related stories can be unrelated. Reported by Steffen Schwigon. [Scott]

  • Fixed issue with trailing newlines sometimes becoming a part of a contributor's name. [Greg Heo and Ryan O'Toole]

  • Eliminated backslashes in sql/Pg/Bric/Biz/Asset/Template.val, which were causing warnings under PostgreSQL 8.3. The backslashes were for newlines, so I just switched to real newlines, instead.

  • Fixed a Perl 5.10 warning in Bric::App::Callback::Search, where calls to "substr" were being properly resolved to CORE::substr.

  • Fixed the handling of globs in Bric::Util::Burner::TemplateToolkit. It seems that in Perl 5.10, package scalars can actually be "SCALAR"s rather than "GLOB"s.

  • PostgreSQL 8.3 warns when we try to apply inappropriate permissions to sequences, so we updated bin/bric_pgimport and inst/ to grant permissions to sequences and tables separately.

  • Fix for bugs 1255 and 1271, which addresses pagination problems in searches for elements, groups, media, and templates. [Matt Rolf and Michael Herring]

  • Patch from Alex Krohn to hopefully really fix "ident" authentication this time.

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