Bricolage 1.10.5 Changes



  • Added support for the JS-Quicktags WYSIWYG editor. [Greg Heo]

  • API doc corrections reported by Rod Taylor. [Scott]

  • Added the "active_sites" parameter to "Bric::Biz::Category->list". [David]

  • Categories associated with inactive sites are no longer displayed in the category manager. Suggested by Jesper Andersen (Bug # 1286). [David]

  • Improved the display of related media and story information in the element list, including links to preview them (Bug # 1293). [David]

  • The get_related_objects() method of Bric::Biz::Asset::Business now only returns relateds for an alias that are in the same site as the alias, or that are aliases in the same site of the original relateds. This means that the automatic publishing of related documents should now properly republish only relateds in the same site as the alias document being published, rather than the relateds of the document it aliases (Bug # 1296). [David]

  • In the New Story form, the Slug field is no longer required if the ALLOW_SLUGLESS_NONFIXED bricolage.conf directive is disabled and the AUTOGENERATE_SLUG directive is enabled. It is still required in the normal story edit form, of course. Suggested by Phillip Smith (Bug # 1306). [David]

  • When the ENABLE_CATEGORY_BROWSER bricolage.conf directive is disabled (as it is by default), allow the categories to be deleted from the story profile when a user checks the delete checkbox and clicks Save or Check In, instead of requiring that the Delete button be clicked. Suggested by Phillip Smith (Bug # 1308). [David]

  • Object attributes that are edited in textarea fields in the UI and that have a limited size -- mainly description fields -- now have their line endings converted to Unix line endings. This is so that character counts properly correspond to the limits set by the UI (think of the character counter in the story profile for the description field). Reported by Matt Rolf (Bug #1318). [David]

  • Added code to the SOAP interface for creating and updating stories, media, and templates to throw an exception if publish dates are set when publish_status is false, or vice versa, rather than waiting for an exception from the database constraint. Suggested by Scott (Bug # 1326). [David]

  • Template code submitted via the template profile now has non-Unix line endings converted to Unix line endings. [David]

  • The select lists for viewing diffs now set the default from version to the previous version instead of the current version. The current version is still the default for the to version. [David]

  • Added another directory to search for Apache. [Brian Smith]

  • Made the Perl program and library installers (lib/Makefile.PL and bin/Makefile.PL more intelligent in their support of the $BRICOLAGE_ROOT configuration variable. [Brian Smith]

  • Removed redudant permission granting code from the upgrade script library, since make db_grant is always run by make db_upgrade, anyway. [David]

  • Eliminated extra processing and a potential error caused by mod_perl internally creating a sub-request. [David]

Bug Fixes

  • Patch for codeselect. [Greg Heo]

  • Eliminated the display of the login screen in the side nav when NO_TOOLBAR is set to false and a session expires. Reported by Matt Rolf (Bug #921). [David]

  • Worked around a bug in SOAP::Lite that only appears when used in conjunction with LWP 5.810 and later. [David]

  • Fixed issue in, which was trying to grant permissions to a row count. [Paul Orrock]

  • Fixed a bug when publishing or previewing a story with related media where an error could occur when a media document was published to more than one output channel with different URIs. Reported by Matt Wlazlo. [David]

  • Fixed an issue when a user with publish permission selects Check in and Publish for a newly created document. Reported by Chris Heiland and Matt Rolf (RT #1261). [David]

  • When creating a new media document from a related media element, if the user clicks Save or Save and Stay instead of Create, it will properly create the related media document. [David]

  • When creating creating a new media document by uploading a file in a related media element, clicking Save, Cancel, or Check in on the media profile page now properly redirects back to the related media element profile. [David]

  • A template deployed via SOAP now has its published_version attribute properly set. Reported by Brad Harder (Bug #1288). [David]

  • Fixed issue with ANY() not working with the exclude_id parameter to Bric::Biz::Asset::Business::Story->list() (Bug #1303). [Paul and David]

  • A search is no longer cached if it results in an error (Bug #1300). [David]

  • When creating a new media document by uploading a file to a related media element, if there is a duplicate URI for the new media document, there will no longer be an SQL error to prevent the association from going through once the URI is made unique in the media profile. Spotted by Phillip Smith (Bug #1310). [David]

  • Fixed a bug in the handling of the subelement_id parameter to the list methods of Bric::Biz::Asset::Business::Story and Bric::Biz::Asset::Business::Media where they were finding stories that had deleted a subelement, because it was still in the story, but was not active. This means that the advanced search for stories and media will no longer return stories that have deleted a subelement. Thanks to Chris Schults for the spot (Bug #1316). [David]

  • Fixed a compatibility issue in the installer with newer versions of CPAN. Reported by Jean-Michel Caricand. [David]

  • Fixed the fix for the ident authentication issue when granting database permissions. [Rolf Schaufelberger]

  • Fixed the display of a field name when confirming changes to a field type. [David]

  • Fixed a bug in the subelement type search display where the last element type search term was displayed in the search box. It now properly displays the last subelement type search string, if any. [David]

  • Reverted the change in the login redirect originally submitted to fix Bug # 1267. It turns out that this change is effectively the same as just setting the ALWAYS_USE_SSL bricolage.conf directive to true. So just do that instead (I've suggested this in Bric::Admin, too). [David]

  • Fixed make clean so that it cleans out bin. It was leaving junk in there! [David]

  • The code that handles note editing is now more careful to check that the user has the relevant document checked out before applying the note to it, and uses a smarter algorithm for caching the document in the user's session. This is an attempt to fix a bug reported by David Beaudet (Bug # 1265). [David]

  • Clicking Return when viewing a diff now properly returns the user to the document or template profile, rather than My Workspace. Thanks to Matt Rolf for the spot (Bug #1327)! [David]

  • Fixed logout exception (hardly noticeable, but there nonetheless) when the ALWAYS_USE_SSL bricolage.conf directive is enabled, or when a user checks the Use SSL checkbox and logs in. [David]

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