Bricolage 1.10.6 Changes



  • Added an " TraceEnable off " entry to the config in for Apache 1.3 to neutralize the potentially malicious use of HTTP TRACE requests. [Dave Beaudet, Alex Krohn]

  • Changed an index in the story and media instance tables to improve query speed. Thanks to Alex Krohn for reporting the performance issue. [David and Josh Berkus]

  • Tweaked contrib/bric_media_upload/bric_media_upload so that it uses "bric_soap site list_ids" instead of "bric_soap category list_ids" for setting the login cookie. That should be more efficient for installations that have many more categories than they have sites. [Scott]

  • Added "--use-related-uri" option to "bric_soap". [Scott, David]

  • For media uploaded through the Story Profile, the cover date now defaults to the current date/time instead of the cover date of the story. [Scott]

  • Added search by Keyword to "Find Media". [Scott]

  • When the "Filter by Site Context" preference is turned on, if a user does a search and then changes the site context, the search results will not change to the new site until the user submits a new search. Reported by Matt Rolf (Bug #1337). [David]

  • Rewrote (again) the way in which stale files are identified for expiration. It used to be that Bricolage would look for all resources associated with a given document and output channel but none of the current jobs. But if a story had previously been in two output channels and one was removed, Bricolage didn't look for stale files in that output channel. So now Bricolage asks for a list of resources associated with a document but none of the jobs created in a publish, and then expires them all, regardless of URI, output channel, or file system path. This should fix the expiration of stale files once and for all (Bug #1351). [David]

  • The links to jump to different kinds of assets on My Workspace (or a desk if it happens to have different kinds of assets) are now generated in a more sensible manner, and display as text links rather than the ugly images we had previously. [David]

  • The "Checkout" and "Publish Checked" buttons in the "Find" interface for stories, media, and templates are now displayed on the right-hand side of the screen, better aligning them with the checkboxes that they're associated with. Suggested by Matt Rolf (Bug #1361). [David]

Bug Fixes

  • Really fix bug 1232 (saving categories with 3 keywords), that was falsely claimed to have been fixed in 1.10.3. [Scott]

  • Fixed bug 1340, where Preview buttons weren't working within Related assets. [Scott & David]

  • The download link in Media Profile wasn't popping up into a new window on some browsers due to a typo. Spotted by Tatiana Titova. [Scott]

  • In the Contributors Manager, sometimes there aren't "New" links, and this was causing the latest Locale::Maketext indigestion. Spotted by John Watson. [Scott]

  • Fix for bug 1344 (spotted by Ed Guzman) and hopefully better fix for bug 1326 (my suggestion wasn't quite right). The handling of <publish_status> in bric_soap has been a bit dodgy. Also changed publish_status to deploy_status in "Bric::SOAP::Template". [Scott]

  • The state for Log lists was getting stuck, so if you go to the 2nd page of the log for a media, say, every log thereafter was the same. Reported by John Kirkwood. [Scott]

  • Fix both parts of bug 1345, Bulk Edit had problems with blank lines. [Scott]

  • Fixed CCS bug which was preventing the jump buttons from displaying in Firefox and Safari. [Matt Rolf]

  • Tweaked Bricolage Instance Name display. [Matt Rolf]

  • Fixed bug 1343, View Diff wasn't working in IE. Reported by Ed Guzman. [Scott]

  • A category with associated with a story different URIs but the same name as the primary category can now properly be deleted. Reported by Matt Rolf (Bug #1341). [David]

  • Media documents are now properly expired. Reported by Matt Rolf (Bug #1347). [David]

  • The login window no longer shows the username in the top right corner right after logging out. Reported by Matt Rolf (Bug #1149). [David]

  • Fixed a bug uploading a file to a related media element when that related media element has lockable fields. Reported by Scott (Bug #1353). [David]

  • Editing user prefs when SSL is enabled no longer breaks the User profile. Reported by Scott (Bug#1339). [David]

  • Reverting an image media document works again. Reported by Scott Lanning (Bug #1352). [David]

  • The links to jump to different kinds of assets on My Workspace (or a desk if it happens to have different kinds of assets) will now jump to the proper page when pagination is turned on. Reported by Matt Rolf (Bug #150). [David]

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