Bricolage 1.10.7 Changes



  • The Save, Save and Stay, and Return buttons in the Edit Categories screen of the story profile are moved to the right to better align with the interface buttons. [Matt Rolf]

  • Improved documentation of the FTP_UNLINK_BEFORE_MOVE bricolage.conf directive with specific reference to SFTP versions. [Alex Krohn]

  • Events are now logged using wallclock time rather than transaction start time, so that multiple events logged in a single transaction can be displayed in the order they were created, rather than in an arbitrary order. [David]

  • Bric::Util::Burner->publish_another will now throw an exception if the document you pass to it is checked out. This is because publishing a story that’s checked out can cause no end of havoc. The solution, as mentioned in the error message, is to pass published_version => 1 when looking for documents to publish from within templates. [David]

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where authorization failiures in callbacks could lead to a bogus error, rather than sending a Permission Denied error to the user. Reported by Matt Rolf (Bug #1362). [David]

  • Fixed a div nesting bug which was causing buttons to improperly align depending on pagination choices. [Matt Rolf]

  • Fixed a typo in bric_soap that prevented it from compiling. Reported by Ashlee Caul. [David]

  • Fixed a bug where a publish would appear to fail when no publish jobs were created (for example, when a story is published to a destination with no associated servers). Reported by Ashlee Caul. [David]

  • Fixed a bug where the media type of an uploaded file would not be detected if its extension had upper-case characters. Reported by Bret Dawson. [Greg Heo]

  • Changed the SOAP checkin code so that it is functinally identical to the UI checkin code. Hoping that this solves the issue with duplicate version constraint violations. [David]

  • Looking up a document or template by version ID no longer fails if the asset has been checked out and not yet checked back in since that version ID was created. Among other subtle bugs, this change fixes publishes that failed with the error message Can’t call method "get_id" on an undefined value. Reported by Scott (Bug #1417). [David]

  • Fixed a bug where a scheduled publish can muck with version numbers. Reported by Matt Rolf, Ashlee Caul, and others [David]

  • Fixed a bug with the virtual FTP server where deploying a template by renaming it with .deploy at the end can cause the template to be stranded on a desk. Reported by Phillip Smith (Bug # 1372). [David]

  • Fixed resource (file name) lookups when publishing and/or previewing documents so that SQL "LIKE" wildcard characters are ignored, so as to avoid confusing, for example, /foo/bar with /foo_bar. Reported by Scott (Bug # 1368). [David]

  • Files uploaded as images but without any suffix (such as ".jpg") no longer cause an error. Reported by Scott (Bug # 1409). [David]

  • Fixed a bug in the SOAP server where attempting to check in an asset results in an error. Reported by Ashlee Caul. [David]

  • Republishing a story will no longer delete files from that story on preview servers. Similarly, publishing a media document with a new file but with the same name as a previously-published version will no longer cause that file to be deleted from production destinations. This bug has been fixed and refixed numerous times, but this time tests have been added to make sure that it stays fixed. Reported by Matt Rolf, Ashlee Caul, and others (Bug # 1368). [David]

  • The Logged in as link at the top of every screen now properly uses SSL when appropriate. [David]

  • Fixed an inconsistency in how the case of file names in media documents was not always properly set according to the rules for the output channel. This means that if your media document’s output channel requires lowercase URIs, the URI for the media document will always be lowercase, including the file name. The file name is also now always consistently URI escaped (Bug #1419). [David]

  • Eliminated a SQL injection vulnerability in the querying for stories, media, and templates. [David]

  • Fixed an issue where a document gets renamed so that a single character is replaced with an underscore: The old file was not getting removed upon publish. Reported by Ashlee Caul (Bug #1446). [David]

  • The bric_media_upload app works again. [David]

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