Bricolage 1.10.8 Changes



  • Added the sql_type element to the export of field types from SOAP. This prevents the SOAP server from having to guess the SQL type of a field type when updating an element type. Thanks to David Oliveira for the report (Bug #79). [David]

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a compatibility issue in Bric::Dist::Action::DTDValidate. Apparently get_last_error() was removed from L 1.59 “for thread-safety reasons.” This change backward-compatible with older versions of XML::LibXML. [David]

  • Fixed a bug where a story published but with no resources (files) could cause an error. Reported by Paul Hyland. [David]

  • Fixed a bug where assets could not be checked in and their version numbers would revert to older ones (Bug #93). [Greg Heo & David]

  • Passing a false value for the published_version parameter to the list() method of Bric::Biz::Asset::Business::Story, Bric::Biz::Asset::Business::Media, and Bric::Biz::Asset::Template now works as expected, returning the latest version of all stories regardless of their publish status, rather than no stories at all (Bug #1). [David]

  • Template notes are once again editable from the template profile. Thanks to Aaron Fuleki for the report (Bug #101). [David]

  • Emails sent by Bricolage now have the character set specified in the content-type header when they're text messages. Thanks to Czerny for the report (Bug #94). [David]

  • Paginated results in the element type manager no longer lose top-level element type results when clicking the links for subsequent pages. Fixed by preventing the list() method of Bric::Biz::ElementType from modifying the parameter hash passed to it, as the modification was persisting in the list manager's state. Thanks to Aaron Fuleki for the report and for making the Denison Bricolage installation available to diagnose the problem (Bug #102). [David]

  • Avoid // in distribution file names and/or directories. This caused problems with FTP distribution, but it seems prudent to fix it for SFTP and WebDAV, too. [David]

  • Fix LDAP 500 Error when a password is blank. Thanks to Aaron Fuleki for the report (Bug #103). [David]

  • The “Site” column no longer comes and goes when searching for categories in with multiple sites. Thanks to Paul Orrock for the spot (Bug #100). [David]

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