Bricolage 1.10.9 Changes



  • The SFTP mover now respects a port specification in the host name (e.g,, just like the FTP mover. Thanks to Iv├ín Chavero for the report and fix. [David]

  • The virtual FTP server now assumes that template files uploaded to it are encoded in the user's preferred encoding. So if you have Windows gremlins in your templates, you can set your Character Set preference to CP1252 and it will just work. Thanks to Phillip Smith for the report (Bug #124). [David]

Bug Fixes

  • Cover dates are no longer exported via the SOAP interface with the wrong year (2009) when their dates are in the first three days of 2010. Thanks to Paul Orrock for the spot (Bug #122) and David Oliveira via Bret Dawson for the fix! [David]

  • Fixed an error in Bric::Biz::Contact where a boolean value was not passed to the database as a boolean. [David Oliveira]

  • Fixed the favicon.ico redirect so that it points to a full URL, not just a URI path. [David]

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