Bricolage 1.8.10 Changes



  • Changed (hopefully optimized) the buffer size when reading in files on media upload. [Scott]

  • The installer no longer prompts for the PostgreSQL system username if the PostgreSQL server is not running on the local box. It therefore also no longer becomes that user in such cases. This will simplify installing Bricolage onto a remote PostgreSQL server. [David]

  • The Jobs manager now sorts pending jobs by scheduled time rather than name. [David]

  • Desks now remember the sort order you selected when you last visited them, for the duration of a single login to Bricolage. [David]

  • When adding contributors based on a type that allows multiple roles, you no longer have to select the role if the contributor has only one role. Suggested by Phillip Smith. [David]

Bug Fixes

  • Eliminated errors inserting array references fetched from image info while uploading and saving new image files. Reported by Michael Holden. Also documented extra methods not previously documented in Bric::App::MediaFunc. [David]

  • Fixed typo in the final message after an upgrade completes. Reported by Nate Perry-Thistle. [David]

  • Fixed a 1.8.9 upgrade script that adds a foreign key constraint to the element_member table so that it properly tests for the foreign key constraint before it tries to add it. Reported by Wayne Slavin. [David]

  • Refined a few other upgrade scripts, with thanks to Rod Taylor. [David]

  • Bric::Biz::Person::User loads again under bric_queued. [David]

  • The thumbnail-generating code now tries even harder to determine the media type of a file, thus more likely supporting files that it might not have been able to support before. [Rod Taylor]

  • bric_republish no longer reverses the meaning of its --published-only option. [David]

  • Publishing via SOAP works again. It was broken in 1.8.9, where it would appear to succeed, but no story or media would ever actually be distributed. [David]

  • Updated the Bricolage users list email address and archive link in Bric::Admin/INSTALL. Reported by Michael Cummings [David]

  • Sort ordering on desks is no longer forgotten over multiple pages of assets on a desk. Thanks to Phillip Smith for the spot! [David]

  • Changed the title of the Trail page from Desk Stamps to Trail. Reported by Scott. [David]

  • It is now possible to look up stories, media, and templates by version IDs other than the current version ID. [David]

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