Bricolage 1.8.11 Changes



  • The throw_error() burner method now accepts a list of arguments for an error message, rather than only a single argument. It will concatenate them all together so that you don't have to. [David]

  • Added check to require Bric::Biz::Asset::Business->add_contributor's first argument to be a Bric::Util::Grp::Parts::Member::Contrib if it's an object (it could also be an ID). [Scott]

  • Added README.Ubuntu. [Christian Muise]

  • Silenced warnings from Net::SFTP when distributing via SFTP. [David]

  • The metadata for related media now include preview links. The same goes for the metadata about a media document when editing a subelement of that media document in the media profile. [David]

  • The status message when a document is published now reports the site with which the document is associated, to help distinguish documents from their aliases in the status message. Reported by Marshall. [David]

  • Added get_site() to Bric::Biz::Asset, and therefore to the story, media, and template classes. Suggested by Marshall. [David]

  • Added support for the the oc_id parameter to Bric::Dist::Resource to simplify looking up stale story and media files for expiration. [David]

Bug Fixes

  • My Workspace now remembers the sort order of assets just as well as desks do. [David]

  • Added more code to the inst/upgrade/1.8.9/ upgrade script to better cover the possible variations in publish status inaccuracies. [Brad Fox, Brad Harder, & David]

  • Distribution via any mover other than File System now correctly strips off port numbers from the host name. This is most useful when using FTP, SFTP, or WebDAV to distribute to a preview server serving content from an alternate port. Reported by Doug Dawson. [David]

  • If run as root, make clone now becomes the PostgreSQL system user before cloning the database, so that it should work properly where PostgreSQL is configured to use ident authentication. [David]

  • The list of desks that appear for a given workflow in the navigation iframe are now properly updated when a new desk is added to the workflow. [Alexey Dvoychenkov]

  • The side navigation no longer shows the New Alias links to users who don't have the proper permissions (CREATE on the start desk). (bug 1203) [Marshall]

  • The code of a template no longer disappears when you click Trail in the Template Profile. (bug 1204) [Marshall]

  • bric_soap is now more intelligent about parsing IDs from XML elements with either single or double quotes, and from multiple tags. [Christian Niles and David]

  • Failing to fill in either the To or Bcc fields of an Email distribution action no longer throws you back a screen, but stays in the Email action profile. Reported by Scott. [David]

  • Fixed media publishing so that when a media document is published to more than one output channel, and there are differences in the URIs for that media document between the output channels, that they won't trigger the expiration of each other's files. Reported by Rod Taylor. [David]

  • Fixed bug where users granted CREATE permission were unexpectedly allowed to PUBLISH items on the Publish Desk. [Christian Niles]

  • bric_queued now works with all burners, not just the Mason burner. Reported by Christian Niles. [Scott]

  • A required field deleted from an element definition will now be deletable in the stories and media in which it appears, instead of remaining required. [Rod Taylor]

  • Adding a new source to a group when you create it no longer causes an error. Thanks to Alex Howarth for the spot! [David]

  • Changing an asset note and then going back to the notes screen before saving the asset now properly shows the changed note instead of the old note. Reported by Phillip Smith. [David]

  • New categories created via the SOAP interface with underscores in their URIs no longer end up with backslashes in the URIs. Reported by Ashlee Caul. [David]

  • Users attempting to access the New Alias link without permission to create an alias will now be told so, instead of getting an error. Reported by Marshall. [David]

  • Status messages now properly appear after saving or deleting a contributor type. Reported by Marshall. [David]

  • The get_attr_hash() methodof Bric::Util::Attribute now excludes deleted attributes from its return value. [David]

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