Bricolage 1.8.7 Changes


Update: Due to a couple of fatal flaws in the handling of media documents, Bricolage 1.8.7 has been superseded by 1.8.8. The changes listed below remain relevant in Bricolage 1.8.8.


  • The installer now prefers typical installation paths over those in the $PATH environment variable when searching for Apache and PostgreSQL installations. This is to favor servers installed manually over those included with the operating system. [David]

  • Added a partial index on the comp_time column of the job table so as to speed up lookups of jobs yet to be completed. This was originally in a 1.6.7 upgrade script, but never made it into the SQL for new installations. Suggested by Mark Jaroski. [David]

  • The Bulk Publish feature in the UI now only publishes the previously published versions of unexpired stories and media, rather than the latest version of expired and unexpired stories and media, thus avoiding errors when documents are checked out. [David]

  • If a story passed to the burn_another() or preview_another() burner methods is the same as the story currently being burned, it will no longer be published or previewed again by burn_another() or preview_another(), thus mitigating the possibility of infinite loops. [David]

  • Added an Expired event for when stories and media are expired. Suggested by Joshua Edelstein. [David]

Bug Fixes

  • The Template Toolkit and HTML::Template burners work again. [David]

  • Fixed syntax error in Bric::Util::Trans::SFTP. Reported by Kenneth Marshall. [David]

  • Eliminated Subroutine Bric::App::Handler::rethrow_exception redefined warning during startup with HTML::Mason 1.30. [David]

  • Fixed the no_site_id parameter to Bric::Biz::Asset::Formatting when specified using the ANY() function. [David]

  • Fixed an error in comp/widgets/wrappers/sharky/ caused by having a custom field beginning with a leading underscore. [Scott]

  • Errors thrown when setting element field values will now be displayed as error messages within the context of the element profile, rather than throwing a fatal exception. This is useful for invalid dates, for example. [David]

  • The SOAP interface for categories now properly checks for and sets as appropriate the active attribute on categories being created or updated. Reported by Phillip Smith. [David]

  • Updated for compatibility with PostgreSQL 8.1. [David]

  • Defunct media files are now properly removed from the delivery server whenever a media document’s file name has changed. Reported by Brad Fox. [David]

  • Clicking the Return button when viewing a subelement in a story or media document not checked out by the user no longer drops into edit view. Reported by John Greene. [David]

  • Attempting to create a category with the same URI as an existing but deactivated category once again fails with a useful error message rather than a database exception. Reported by Marshall. [David]

  • New elements and fields will now have any leading or trailing white space trimmed, rather than converted to underscores. Reported by Scott Lanning. [David]

  • Multiple select list custom fields no longer throw an exception when you select more than one value for the default value. Reported by Scott. [David]

  • In a story or media profile, deleting a subelement with the same ID as a field (or vice-versa) will no longer delete both. Reported by Scott Lanning. [David]

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