Bricolage 1.8.9 Changes



  • Added missing foreign key constraints and indexes on the category_keyword, story_keyword, media_keyword, element_member, and media_contributor tables. This should make keyword lookups, at least, much faster. [David]

  • When a story or media document is published with an expiration date earlier than the publish date, the UI will now properly report that the document has been expired, rather than published. Thanks to Simon Wilcox for the spot. [David]

  • The Bulk Publish interface in the UI now displays the name of the site alongside the category if there is more than one site, so as to disambiguate the list of categories. Reported by Marshall Roch. [David]

  • Added constraints to the story and media tables in the database to prevent the publish status from becoming out of sync with the publish date and first publish date. [David]

  • Changed code to show the first displayable data field of a subelement when viewing or editing an asset as opposed to only text fields. [Paul Orrock]

  • Bric::SOAP::Workflow's publish method now schedules a publish job instead of immediately publishing, thus allowing the publish_date parameter to actually work, and ensuring that the proper version is published. [David]

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed misnamed and/or missing keyword foreign keys on the category_keyword, story_keyword, and media_keyword tables. [David]

  • Documents created or updated via SOAP will now set the publish date to the same value as the first publish date if the latter is set and the former is not. [David]

  • The Burner publish() method now sets the publish date to the current date and time if it was not specified via an argument. This will hopefully fix instances of stories and media in the database with the first_publish_date set but not the publish_date. [David]

  • The version 1.8.8 upgrade script that moves media files around no longer fails when the media directory doesn't exist (because no media documents have been created). Reported by Wayne Slavin. [David]

  • Upgrades no longer fail if $BRICOLAGE_ROOT is not set and the instance of Bricolage to be upgraded is somewhere other than /usr/local/bricolage. Reported by Nate Perry-Thistle. [David]

  • Backported database upgrade permissions changes from Bricolage 1.10 so that the permissions are set for the super user for upgrade scripts such as inst/upgrade/1.8.7/ and as the PostgreSQL user only when an upgrade script loads inst/upgrade/lib/ Thanks to Nate Perry-Thistle for reporting the permissions bug with the 1.8.7 upgrade script. [David]

  • Fixed file names for files uploaded by MSIE on Windows. Again. Reported by Wayne Slavin. [David]

  • Modified the set_publish_status() and set_published_version() methods of Bric::Biz::Asset::Business so that they each make sure that the other is set. This will hopefully prevent only one from being set. [David]

  • A media document that has a file uploaded to it before it is ever saved will no longer cause it to store the media file in a directory without an ID mapping it to the media document. This only affected installations where media were created by some method other than the Bricolage UI or SOAP. Reported by Rod Taylor. [David]

  • Story and Media on the search result page are now correctly sorted by the Default Asset Sort preference, or title if the preference is not set. [Paul Orrock]

  • Removed commented-out SQL that was appearing at the end of inst/Pg.sql. The comment style, /* */, caused problems with PostgreSQL 7.3 and earlier. Reported by Jerry Franz, with the underlying problem identified by aander07. [David]

  • Media file names are now URI-escaped for inclusion in the URIs returned by get_uri() and get_primary_uri(). Reported by Alexey Sheynuk. [David]

  • The burner now looks up existing resources (files) by both file system path and URI, instead of just the file system path, since the combination of the path and the URI are globally unique, not just the path. Reported by Paul Hyland. [David]

  • Publishing a document with a related document, where the related document is still at version 0 (because it has never been checked in), now properly displays a message indicating that the related document cannot be published because it is checked out. [David]

  • Removed testing code from the default template on the file system (not present in the template in the database) that was put in place before the release of 1.8.6. [David]

  • Eliminated an error in the permissions screen when a site with workflows has been deleted. Reported by Frank Febbraro. [David]

  • Fixed the help on event logs link in the Trail help page. Reported by Scott. [David]

  • If a desk or My Workspace does not have assets of a particular type (stories, media, or templates) on it, it will no longer display buttons for them. Reported by Scott. [David]

  • Fixed the sorting menus for templates on desks. Also fixed them for all assets on desks so that sorting on categories sorts by URIs (which are displayed) rather than names. Template sorting issues reported by Scott. [David]

  • Adding a variable to the message in an alert type now properly triggers the update of the message character count. Reported by Scott. [David]

  • Changed the media type for the files in the JavaScript directory from application/x-javascript, which Safari 2.03 didn't seem to like, to text/javascipt, which is what it should have been all along, anyway. [David]

  • Fixed sorting of SQL files for concatenation into inst/Pg.sql so that it should now always be in the right order, regardless of the local system's locale settings. This issue only applied to those running make dist or make inst/Pg.sql, since distributions already have inst/Pg.sql. [David]

  • URIs are now always constructed with the cover date reflecting the global Time Zone preference, rather than the setting from a user's overriding Time Zone preference. This prevents URI conflicts and makes searches for URIs with dates in them consistent. Reported by Li Li. [David]

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