Bricolage Site Templates and Elements 1.1 Changes


This is the second release of the Bricoalge elements and templates used to manage the Bricolage Website. Notable to this release is the addition of document model output. Here is the complete listof changes:

  • Added trailing slash to the Changelog link in the XHTML template.

  • Fixed Article XHTML template to properly republish the Archive when it is published.

  • The title of each page is now stripped of XHTML before being used in the title tag in the header.

  • The title tag now uses an m-dash between the name of the site and the name of the page.

  • Error messages thrown by templates now get the name of the element from the element object and display the proper element number.

  • RSS feeds now have XHTML stripped from the title of each article, since most RSS newsreaders can't seem to tell that it's XHTML.

  • Added Introspection output channel and templates.

  • Added Document Models document type.

  • Added Download Shortcut subelement to the Changes document, so that there can be a clear link to the download descibed by the changes.

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