Bricolage Site Templates and Elements 1.2 Changes


This is the third release of the Bricoalge elements and templates used to manage the Bricolage Website. This release includes a number of template bug fixes, as well as the addition of an XML file defining all element types (which can be used with an instance of Bricolage installed from the Subversion repository). Here is the complete list of changes:

  • Modified the archive lookup template to look up only article documents associated with the Bricolage Developers source. This is to exclude the Article Document Model document, which is sourced to Introspection, from the archives.

  • Fixed various parameter passing bugs in the RSS and Mason Archive templates.

  • Fixed bug in handling of keywords in

  • Added category_uri parameter to to specify a category other than the current category to search for related stories.

  • Added by_cover_date parameter to so that stories can be searched for and returned in reverse order by cover date rather than first publish date.

  • The template now properly handles question paragraphs.

  • Added title attributes (tool tips) to the links in

  • Converting <q> tags in titles to Unicode entities for use in the <title> tag in order to preserve quoting.

  • Added title field to the List element.

  • Articles will now always trigger the republication of relevant archives every time they're published, instead of just the first time.

  • Archives will no longer be published with an empty list when more than one is published in a single request.

  • Added the list of required Element Types to be created to the README.

  • Added element_types.xml, which has the element types in XML format useful for folks running Bricolage out of the trunk.

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