Bricolage Site Templates and Elements 1.3 Changes


This is the fourth release of the Bricoalge element types and templates used to manage the Bricolage Website. This release includes a number of template bug fixes, as well as Bricolage 1.10 support. Here is the complete list of changes:

  • Fixed to properly default to sorting on full names.

  • Replaced calls to Apache::Util::escape_html() (which doesn't work with Unicode and can introduce invalid XML entities) in the RSS template and replaced them with XML CDATA sections. This is a much cleaner way to escape XML entities in XML.

  • Fixed screenshot popups to work properly.

  • Removed dependency on Apache::Util functions, thereby making them making all templates safe for outputting multibyte Unicode characters, as well as allowing them to be executed outside of mod_perl (such as by bric_queued).

  • Fixed typo in /util/ that would have allowed expired stories to be listed.

  • Now using the "published_version" parameter (available in Bricolage 1.8.3 and newer) when searching for archives to republish whenever an article is published.

  • Now using the Schwartzian transform for more efficient sorting of keywords in the template.

  • Templates no longer add a trailing slash to URIs, since all URIs in Bricolage 1.10 and newer will include the slash.

  • Added paragraph field to the Screenshots element type and template.

  • Updated all templates for compatibility with Bricolage 1.10.

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