Bricolage Site Templates and Elements 1.4 Changes


This is the fifth release of the Bricoalge element types and templates used to manage the Bricolage Website. This release includes a number of template bug fixes, as well as Bricolage 1.10 support. Here is the complete list of changes:

  • Changed calls to throw_error() in all templates so that they no longer include element trace information. It never actually worked properly thanks to a syntax error, and is now included in the error output of Bricolage 1.10, anyway.

  • Removed duplicate <top_level> XML elemements from each element type listed in element_types.xml.

  • Added output_channels.xml.

  • Moved the pull quote element type definition to pull_quote.xml, since Bricolage comes with a pull quote element by default, and so it is best updated.

  • Added sites.xml to update the default site, categories.xml to create the utility categories and templates.xml to create the templates.

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